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  • Advanced Microwave Technologies Ltd
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    Advanced Microwave Technologies Ltd is a global leader in the use of microwaves to heat and condition liquids, suspensions and semi solids. Microwaves offer a unique method of delivering energy into certain materials and are widely used in many industries as a highly efficient and convenient method of heating. Despite being used extensively in many areas their use in liquid systems has largely remained limited to small devices and laboratory scale equipment. AMT has now overcome the technical barriers which have restricted this development and has developed a unique system of delivering Microwave Energy deep into liquids on a continuous basis on an industrial scale. This AMT system of volumetric heating using Microwaves has many technical and practical advantages over conventional liquid heating systems opening up many new opportunities and indeed areas of science in numerous industries.
  • Protech Group
    Milton Ernest, United Kingdom
    With over 30 years of experience the Protech Group is well established as a leading manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel equipment for food, pharmaceutical, medical and architectural industries with a strong reputation for engineering design and quality of production. Working to ISO & BSI standards we are responsible for full project management, design, construction, implementation of turnkey and individual bespoke systems with the innovation and skills set to meet specification and demand. Specialising in high quality processing & washing equipment for cooking/smoking/grilling/cooling/cleaning with highly accurate control, the business partnerships with Fessmann, Colussi & Adfood offers an advanced equipment portfolio not seen elsewhere. Product forming and innovative brine injection systems along with intelligent handling systems complete a product manufacturing package which is unrivalled in the industry. Protech provides full Health & Safety certification in compliance to industry standards and offers after sales, installation, spare parts and service agreements for every piece of equipment sold. Our refreshing approach is there to be seen as we strive to provide the best all round solutions available.
  • Bioquell UK Ltd
    Andover, United Kingdom
  • Cutting Edge Services Ltd
    Chorley, United Kingdom
  • F Jahn & Co Ltd
    Hartford, United Kingdom
  • Holmach Ltd
    Stamford, United Kingdom
  • Industrial Washing Machines Ltd
    Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Pro UV Lamps
    High Wycombe, United Kingdom
  • Smisco Food Equipment
    Mitchelstown, Ireland

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