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  • Moduflow Fan Systems Ltd
    Barrow-in-Furness, United Kingdom
    Industrial Fans for the Food & Canning Industry - Moduflow design and build fans specifically for the food manufacturing and canning industry. We supply powerful centrifugal fans to convey cans via vacuum movement or airdecks, without using mechanical conveyors. Our fans help save energy, the cost of installing expensive mechanical motor driven conveyors and with no actual contact, will also save your company money on servicing bills. As well as supplying fans for the canning industry, we also design and build fans for many food industry applications using Stainless Steel, Plastic or Galvanised Steel and fitted with the latest energy saving impellers, by Ziehl-Abegg. Our range of centrifugal and axial fans can be combined with the latest EC control technology to deal with; fumes & dust extraction, high temperatures, cooling and high pressures.
  • Zehnder Clean Air Solutions
    Camberley, United Kingdom
    Zehnder Clean Air Solutions use their unique patented filtration system to create, healthier, cleaner work places for their clients. Their solutions are designed to be installed in food production areas where a high level of air quality is essential and removal of airborne spores, odours and dust is imperative. They have solutions for food storage areas to reduce the fine dust associated with activity in a typical logistics environment which in turn can help reduce cleaning time and costs while providing staff with a healthier, more productive working environment.
  • Air Control Industries Ltd
    Axminster, United Kingdom
  • Camfil APC
    Heywood, United Kingdom
  • Climavent Systems Limited
    Wigan, United Kingdom
  • Defuma
    Huntingdon, United Kingdom
  • Delta Neu Ltd
    Stockport, United Kingdom
  • Dust Control Systems Ltd
    Dewsbury, United Kingdom
  • Dustcheck Ltd
    Fenton, United Kingdom
  • Dustcontrol UK Ltd
    Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
  • FEG Ltd
    Washington, United Kingdom
  • Fercell Engineering Ltd (Weima UK)
    Aylesford, United Kingdom
  • Luwa (UK) Ltd
    Oldham, United Kingdom
  • Nederman Ltd
    Preston, United Kingdom
  • Renby
    Chester, United Kingdom
  • RPL Ltd
    Huddersfield, United Kingdom
  • Vent-Tech Ltd
    Bristol, United Kingdom

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